You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: M
You: chatting
Stranger: Snap?
You: *clink*
Stranger: Means?
You: for...
Stranger: M or F?
You: im not sure what you mean
Stranger: You are male or female?
You: i cant tell
Stranger: Why?
You: im not here
Stranger: Whats your snapchat username?
You: i have too many
Stranger: You are a girl??
You: who are you talking to?
Stranger: I am talking to you
You: which
Stranger: But you are just wasting time
Stranger: You are not even telling me
You: theres no time to waste here
Stranger: You are male or female
You: +
Stranger: XD
You: you + or -?
Stranger: Are you gay?
You: am i?
Stranger: ×_×
You: *_*
Stranger: +_+
You: 7___7
Stranger: (-`\_* -*_/~▪(
You: whale
Stranger: Whats your ig name??
You: something real..
Stranger: Ok man
Stranger: Leave
Stranger: You are creepy
Stranger: Bbie
Stranger: bambie

Stranger has disconnected.