You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: hey
Stranger: M
You: ok
Stranger:: Bin Laden here.. U
Stranger: Asl?
You: oh hey
Stranger: Hello.. What's going on
You: nothing really
You: are you well?
Stranger: Internet is not able to keep u engaged..
Stranger: ?
Stranger:: M doing gr8.. Thnk u
You: my hopes are too high
Stranger: That's nice.. 😉
Stranger: Hw do u look like miss
You: how is miss?
You: who is miss?
Stranger: U didn't tell me ur name..gender 🙃
You: how could you ever know for sure?
Stranger: R u not a girl.. 😢
Stranger: See my time on planet earth is limited
You: im not really anything right now...
You: just text
Stranger: Y to waste time pursuing a boy
You: our time is infinite
Stranger: Hi text
Stranger: R u into sexy?
Stranger: Sext
You: r u live tweeting this?
Stranger: I m a bot..
Stranger: I bullshit all round the clock
You: wel yeah..
Stranger: All right bro / sis.. Gtg.. I will rather search fr a girl

Stranger has disconnected.